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Could Mid-Century Modern be more popular that its heyday?

I love MCM as much as the next fan. Now I just wonder how many fans are out there. As a realtor I keep my eye on the MCM activity in the Denver metro area, focusing on the SW side. Well, the other week I saw that one of the homes in one of my favorite hidden MCM neighborhoods, Signal Hill, went on the market. This home was part of an estate and had not been maintained in MANY years. It looked like someone tried to pull out all the floor covering which really made me wonder what it looked like before it was cleared out.

Well, the house was listed on Tuesday or Wednesday with a deadline for offers Friday. We went and saw, with 7 or so other agents there milling about while we were there. It held great potential but needed an estimated $100,000 in repair and renovation. List price would have been a steal at $335,000 so we knew it would need to be a higher offer. Little did we know there were over 250 showings (so much for my favorite hidden MCM neighborhood) in those three days and 62 offers. The home went for $95,000 over list price. I hear it is being gutted (see the builtins and original kitchen)

Now the neighbors are being cold called asking if they want to sell. Everyone wants MCM and there are so few around. I love my MCM clients and homes so I am feeling protective and invaded on some level. I wonder if there will be a MCM 'native' bumper sticker soon.


The house is flipped and under contract under a week for $30,000 over the $600,000 asking price! Strange updates (like closing the carport to make it a garage but leaving window to it in kitchen, no front door access through carport) but very pretty.

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