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I wish I lived in Plano

Ok. Is blogging once a month OK? Seems wrong, but I already admitted, I am not a writer.... It is just lovely to post my memories somewhere...

I was just thinking about this something special in Plano, Illinois. My love for glass walls first came to be there. While My sister and I were out for a visit with our uncle John we often went on architecture tours. Usually they involved visiting many of his clients whom owned various Frank Lloyd Wright houses (I'll write about those later) but on this visit we headed to Plano to see the Farnsworth House. I don't remember the date. Perhaps it was before National Trust for Historic Preservation purchased it in 2003, part of some research, perhaps after the renovation. Anyway, I was awestruck. I fell in love with it as we spied it through the trees, various white horizontal lines cutting through the natural Illinois forest. Such contrast but such harmony too. The glass creates a safe haven allowing a person to be with the woods while still within the warmth of home.

I love pictures of the Farnsworth house in the winter because of this. I wish I had visited in the winter. I have to say I was never temped by spending a winter vacation in Oak Park, too wintry for this Colorado girl. I remember walking through this kitchen and I fell in love. What would it be like to cook with the view of the woods turning the color of the cabinetry behind you. When I visited it was fall I think. I remember it looking like this, inside and outside How many places have you visited that you think of the surrounding grounds as well as the physical structure when recalling it? Probably not unless it was in a specially landscaped local or had glass walls.

I wanted to write this today because I just heard about "For the Love of Farnsworth: 2017" on Saturday, April 1st from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. This elegant event includes small plates, libations, live music, special guest speakers, and Farnsworthian art, as well as a chance to mingle with fellow preservation and arts supporters. If only I lived in Plano... or Oak Park.

More info about the event

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