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MCM on screen

I love it when a show or movie features MCM homes. When I was just beginning to explore architecture beyond Frank Lloyd Wright I discovered Mies van der Rohe, via my FLW expert uncle John Thorpe. It wasn't but a couple years later that we moved from our victorian home in Wash park to the suburbs and into our MCM. One thing was very important in moving out of the city, architecture. I was not going to move to a cookie cutter home. Mid-Century Modern homes fit the bill of what I was looking for. Fast forward a couple years and those homes started creeping onto the screen. My first memory of it was The Incredibles in 2004.

That family had the coolest home ever. My young family and I could identify with the Incredibles, not their skills but taste in homes.

Of course in 2006 there was the TV show Modern Men. I wanted to love that show, just for the aesthetics, but it never resonated with me sadly. I feel that show might have made a big impact on the popularity of the MCM home in the real estate market, at least here in Denver.

Later we began watching the TV show Life in Pieces which again I felt like portrayed our little family peppered throughout there. But again there is a Mid-Century Modern home here too. There are not too many shots of it in any given episode but I love when they shoot there. Just feels right.

With the return of The Incredibles I wonder if there will be awesome architecture featured again. I know one thing, the kids are pumped for it! So if it part of their culture the aesthetic will be too.

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