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Gracefull Community Cafe more full of grace than you might know

Today I went to a coffee tour. What is a coffee tour? Well, I am sure some places it is something like a wine tasting. Perhaps you get a flight of coffee. Well, at Gracefull it was a tour of the history of Gracefull and what it is. Troy, co-founder with his wife Heather, sat down with six invited guests and told us about Gracefull. From the stay in Uganda to the understanding of their community and the vision that that trip built for the couple. Truly a giving place, Gracefull is on one hand a regular restaurant, serving breakfast and lunch. But they are also are a non-profit serving the people of Littleton that need the most help. Profits from the restaurant goes to the non-profit side which provides free meals to anyone coming to the restaurant that would like to eat there. Volunteers fill most of the kitchen and wait staff and more volunteers step in and help in other areas like maintenance and security (ask about those stories if you go on a coffee tour). There is so much more than meets the eye at Gracefull, but just see for yourself. Go in and enjoy a delicious meal. Perhaps sitting at the community table, perhaps not. You will be enjoying good food, benefiting a good cause and perhaps making a new friend in the community.

Visit Gracefull's website to

Free meal cards to give to those would need it

Pick up some free meal cards for those who may need one but don't want to ask or don't know about Gracefull

About GraceFull


to create a healthier, stronger, more connected community


to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well and be inspired to give back

Our Core Values. We will…

Invite, welcome and love all people Show you the beauty in simplicity Focus on food that is friendly to your own kitchen Use what we have and limit the excess Give back often and with joy

Fresh coffee bar, breakfast and lunch served here

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